Integrated solutions

Consulting services

We provide consulting services on the introduction of RES projects in Strategic and Emblematic Investments.

RES project location service

We find the suitable plot for all our projects.

Technical Studies and licensing services

We carry out the technical studies and all the necessary licenses for the project development.


Development of large scale RES projects


Development of large scale RES projects
We monitor all the developments in the RES sector and adjust to all the modifications
Development of large scale RES projects


Optimal land
plot selection
We find the appropriate land plot for the project , with special attention to the following:
  • Clear understanding of the ownership status
  • Identification of accessibility options
  • Optimization of energy production
  • Compatibility with the environmental legislation
  • Compatibility with the Spatial Planning for RES projects
  • Grid connectivity
Optimal land
plot selection


Submission and provision of all
types of applications and studies.
Submission of all necessary applications and provision of any supplementary data required. Compilation of the necessary studies at every stage of the licensing procedure.
  • Βεβαίωση Παραγωγού (ΡΑΕ)
  • Απόφαση Έγκρισης Περιβαλλοντικών Όρων (αρμόδια Αποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση)
  • Έκδοση Όρων Διασύνδεσης (ΑΔΜΗΕ)
  • Κατοχύρωση του δικαιώματος χρήσης της έκτασης εγκατάστασης
  • Άδεια Εγκατάστασης (αρμόδια Αποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση)
  • Σύμβαση Σύνδεσης (ΑΔΜΗΕ)
  • Σύμβαση αγοραπωλησίας ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας
  • Άδεια Λειτουργίας (αρμόδια Αποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση)
Submission and provision of all types of applications and studies.


Briefings on project’s acceptance
Communication with the local authorities and the local community to safeguard the project’s acceptance.
Briefings on project’s acceptance


Project’s progress monitoring
We continuously monitor the project’s progress, keeping up with the time schedule, up until the realization of the project.
Project’s progress monitoring


Consultant services

Due to our experience Endergy can provide consultant services on the introduction of project in Strategic and Emblematic investments.